Death of Google Reader?

Google Reader

As always, I started my day with my daily dose of Google Reader fest. Right after loading up the web app, I was greeted by a message stating that Google Reader will be unavailable after 1st July, 2013. I was shocked by the notification, and immediately I google for related news to clarify whether it is true. Turned out the internet is also freaked out with Google’s announcement.

Ever since I got my hands on RSS feed, I had tried all sorts of applications and services. I’ve experienced sync issues, lost feeds, or troublesome app based settings. Soon afterwards, I met Google Reader, I was really happy with their simplistic functionalities and features. What not, it is superbly handy and easy to use as you can access it anywhere as soon as you have Internet connection and a browser or the app on your mobile device.

on Google Reader, I had all sorts of subscribed feeds from fellow bloggers to different news sites, be it about latest happenings, technology or Japan related. Google Reader has become my news centre and I go through about 170 pieces of news/articles a day. It hurts me that Google wants to shut of the service due to the declining of the usage.

RSS is not dead yet, please retain reader for the sake of Internet. You can sign a petition or do something to let Google know we want it to live.

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