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My probationary license expired today. Yesterday, I went to JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) in attempt to renew and upgrade my Probationary Driving License to official driving license.

However, I can’t renew my license for more than 1year if my Probationary license haven’t expired on date. So, I choose to upgrade today instead of yesterday.

I would like to take this chance and talk about my experience in upgrading my driving license.

2 years ago, when I renew my learner’s license to Probationary license, my experience is that their service is very nice, fast and efficient. My friend insisted me to renew my driving license myself because those agents who help us to renew would definitely suck some cash from us. I’m glad that I followed what he told me at that time.

To upgrade a Learner’s Driving license to Probationary Driving license, you just need to get the documents of your driving test result from the driving institute, go to JPJ, get a number, wait your turn, then hand in Learner’s driving license and the required documents, pay money, in less than 5minutes, your Probationary Driving license is ready.

Meanwhile, for upgrading/renew your Probationary driving license to official driving license, you just need to bring your Probationary license and cash, get a number, wait your turn, hand in your Probationary driving license and money, in less than 5minutes, you’ll get your new license.

The amount to pay is according to how many years you want the license to valid. The price at year 2009 is – 1year RM30… I paid RM150 for maximum 5years…

Yes, JPJ is indeed improved a lot. The license renewing process is so simple and quick. Be sure to try to do it yourself.

5 thoughts on “Driving License”

  1. ck says:


    1. John says:

      ck… no need say like this lo…

  2. christine says:

    stupid JPJ
    still hate them..
    money suckers…

  3. christine says:

    ops.. forgot to mention.. cute botak pic btw.. haha!

    1. John says:

      Forgot to note that the those JPJ examiners sxcks… only those at the JPJ office de nice… totally different..

      I lost my last photo CD… forced to took new photo with that hairstyle.. and there goes.. T.T

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