Farewell, NgeeKhiong


Just finished reading NgeeKhiong’s final post, took me around 3hours with a few breaks and a night of sleep in between… It was a looooong post, but it revealed a lot of untold truth (or something I don’t know of…).

Nothing I could comment on his decision to quit the community, but I still want to thank him for providing all those news to us. Cheers for working so hard all these time.

jeez.. where should I get my daily gunpla updates now…

One thought on “Farewell, NgeeKhiong”

  1. MikeD says:

    That makes me sad. To think that something he loves has
    become heavy on his heart. I hope that after a break he
    will decide to make some changes and come back. but if
    not I understand.

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