First Impression(?) on PLKN

after 4 weeks or 28days in PLKN/Khidmat Negara/National Service, finally its semester break… lol… Chinese New Year break… I’m back to my house… during those times in PLKN, I missed my usual daily routine… computing, anime-ing, and etc…

I’m sorry for the late post, I found it is so hard for me to start blogging again after leaving for a month… That day, when I reach home, after taking a bath, I straightly sit in front of my PC. My right hand become numb to the mouse… I cant control it properly during that moment. It felt like first time using a mouse. Well, it seems that I’m losing my blogging passion too…

In this post I would be talking about my first thoughts on PLKN…

First of all, the life at there. Many people asked me how was the life in PLKN, is it difficult? Personally, I don’t think that life at there is hard. Comparing with my previous experiences, Scouts’ camps are far more difficult… packed time table, theory exams, practical exams… making earth as your bed, prepare your own meals and etc… PLKN is far more better, with bed, pillow, and blanket… 6 meals a day… all for FREE… better than any camps I went before, which I have to pay for registration… omfg…

However, leaving everything for 3months is a big issue for me. Leaving your loved ones, your hobbies, your lifestyles and even yourself… you have to behave as how they want you to. Try to imagine…

I saw this sentence (grafiti) on my drom-mate’s locker: “When you’re in PLKN, there is no need to think of anything, just follow whatever intructions, then your 3 months will pass peacefully…”

I’m very agree with it. The most peaceful way to handle PLKN’s lifestyle… but there’s still another option to choose… well, I’m totally disagree with this method, but i bet someone would choose this option. To oppress it, heavily… lol..

NOT recommended…

Currently, I have no idea what should I write already… I’ll try to list out everything that I want to blog when I back to the camp… Then when I’m back from PLKN, I’ll share my experience with you guys.

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5 thoughts on “First Impression(?) on PLKN”

  1. dxl09cherly says:

    John.. Gambateh^^

  2. adencx says:

    John a… Gd luk la!!
    Bt plz say TAK MAU TUAN if they tryin 2 doin sumthin 2 yr ass-ie..

  3. Mizna Mohamed says:

    Hi, I am doing a research on PLKN and was wondering if i can interview you on your experience?

    1. John says:

      You’re welcome to, I hope my memory serves me well.

  4. Mizna Mohamed says:

    Can you send me an email and i will send along a set of questions for you.Thanks 🙂

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