First Impression: Over Drive

Over Drive - 01

I remember that time I just got into cycling, naturally one would look for anything related to his hobby and I stumbled across this anime. It received good reviews which was written back in 2008 on MyAnimeList. I remember I had the complete series ready since 3 years ago, however I kept it on hold since then for unknown reason.

Over Drive - 02

Got the DVD out of the box and start to watch it. Immediately I’m annoyed by the stupidity of the main protagonist, Shinozaki Mikoto.

Maybe he’s portrayed as a clumsy and stupid to provide a certain level of comedic effect. But dear production team of Over Drive, I seriously don’t get your sense of humour.

The jokes are horrible.

Over Drive - 03

Next up, the female protagonist, Fukuzawa Yuki, which I have no idea what’s her purpose in this show at this point of time.

Over Drive - 04

le random sketching scene..

Over Drive - 05

Over Drive - 06

If you watched the episode (or refer to above 2 screenshots), you’ll be amazed that red colour is produced from blue paint..

Over Drive - 01

Bad jokes, bad transition of scenes, bad BGM and worst of all awkward silence during certain scenes. But one thing it excels, the spirit of cycling.

I wonder if I manage to complete this series or not..

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