Ok.. I know some of you may get blasted after reading/watching this post..

but I’ve been planning for writing this post ever since mid-year-examination, so It’ll be a waste If I don’t publish it for y’all… don’t worry I got the permission already…


Well, this is a post about a teenage boy… His name is (censored), nickname, ??…

SLEEP GOD the boy is…

SinceĀ I usedĀ lost of time sorting out the photos.. so I dont have much time left to write this post, lets get it started..


What da……

I’m not “bian tai”… it is just very funny to see him sleeping everywhere…

thanks for watching

5 thoughts on “GBK”

  1. verycurious says:

    lolz! u blogged this though JS’s phone??!!?? haha.. i remember i laugh until moxing looking at these funny pics..

  2. John says:

    lol… I’m checking my blog through his phone.. coz.. i blogged it before i went to Kaili’s party… very rush.. so i borrow his phone to check during that time..

  3. bittersweetxj says:

    so pig.

  4. pearlysam says:

    now that’s a retard!

  5. John says:

    =.= pig… retard…

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