GSC Black Rock Shooter Animation Ver. Preview

Black Rock Shooter Preview - 01

Mikatan just updated her blog with preview images of Good Smile Company’s upcoming 1/8 scale figure, Black Rock Shooter Animation Ver.


Black Rock Shooter Preview - 02

I’m pretty sure that GSC plans to suck all our otaku’s money…

Black Rock Shooter Preview - 03

The previous BRS which also released by GSC is impressive, and now they’re releasing the animation version.

Black Rock Shooter Preview - 04

The most impressive Rock Cannon.

Black Rock Shooter Preview - 05

Black Rock Shooter Preview - 06

Black Rock Shooter Preview - 07

Pre-order starting tomorrow, 27th May 2010.

Thanks Mikatan.

4 thoughts on “GSC Black Rock Shooter Animation Ver. Preview”

  1. Fabrice says:

    Oh gosh, there goes my money XD
    i might want to pre order this ^^
    depending if i can, she looks super nice!

    1. John says:

      I missed the previous BRS… and they’re now tempting me with this… How am I gonna live through the rest few months ORZZZZ OTL

  2. BRS says:

    I am going to be poor!
    The first figure of BRS, the Nendoroid, this figure of BRS, Dead Master Figure and Dead Master Anime Ver. Figure!
    Goodbye money! ;_;

    1. John says:

      I dont have enough money to survive edi..

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