Internship - 00

You guys should know that I had my internship during my last trimester. Pictured is the management staff of Avenue Pixel. In case you want to know what the company does – Web & multimedia solution provider, more info here.

From January until May, roughly four months or three months to be exact (excluding Saturday & Public Holiday).

Thanks to all the staff who guided me throughout the holocaust. Especially my direct senior.

Internship - 01

A real working environment is not as fancy as what we imagined, you know, all those fantasy stuff on how wonderful working life is.

Admit it, we all had that kind crazy imagination, thinking of how money flows into our pocket easily.

In fact, real life is rather cruel and everything is earned through your hard work.

Do nothing, get nothing.

We started to work as assistants to our direct seniors in developing web applications, sooner and later we’re taught of more business related stuff rather than technical skills.

I was lucky to got involved in a project which brought me to Kota Kinabalu for end product delivery and presentation.

Internship - 02

It was a rare and fruitful trip for an intern like me… I had a real business presentation. It was million times better that any academic presentation I ever had.

To me, academic presentation is like asking a cat to bark in front of dog judges. What could we really achieve if we present in front of those highly educated professors who have better understanding in the subject than us. I do understand that colleges and universities tries to simulate and train students how to present. But, it turns out to be some sort of weird propaganda of how scary presentations are.

Do not ever think that you can do whatever you like because you’re just an intern, no matter internship or real working environment, both are the same. Companies hire you because they expect us to perform in some way. If you’re the boss, would you hire someone to sit in your office doing nothing and ask salary from you?

Internship - 03

After all, what matters the most is the attitude we have. I notice that there’s a portion of university students who take things granted.

Like what I’ve heard from my lecturer, regarding a few students who signed the job offer letter, but not turning up during their reporting day. This kind of attitude won’t get us anywhere. Just remember, imagine yourself as an employer or customer, then you’ll understand what is to be a good employee.

I really hope my fellow friends and juniors would understand this. I don’t want any of them to learn the lesson in a hard way. Anyway, I have leave you guys with the photos as I rush for my assignment.


Internship - 04

Internship - 05

Internship - 06

Internship - 07

Internship - 08

Internship - 09

Internship - 10

All photos taken with Lumi-chan (Lumix LX3).

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