K-ON!! Opening and Ending

The new opening and ending theme for K-ON!! has been uploaded to youtube, with 1080 HD goodness.

Those who havn’t watch the anime at least could watch the OP and ED first.

“GO! GO! Maniac”

by Houkago Tea Time

The opening retains the first season’s OP type, light, fast and catchy song. Vocals by Yui.

At first I was not really like the OP, because it is too fast… but after listen to it for a few times, I thought of: “Hey, it’s Houkago Tea Time.”


by Houkago Tea Time

The vocal of the new ED is by Mio. Yes, probably they try to maintain the ED hype from the first season.

2 thoughts on “K-ON!! Opening and Ending”

  1. Fabrice says:

    The OP is a let down…sounds like chipmunk..

    but the ED <3 <3

    1. John says:

      The music is okay.. the problem is Yui’s sound, too sharp… like what you described chipmunk.

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