Kousaka Tamaki by Good Smile Company


Kousaka Tamaki

Scale: 1/6

Sculpter: Max Factory Elliot with Hiroki Katayama (H2-Project)

Producer: Max Factory

Original: ToHeart2

Release Date: April 2010

Retail Price: 8,800yen

Information from:

I’ll show you my true self – but only to you.

From the multi-platform and ever popular dating simulation game ‘ToHeart2’ comes a PVC figure of the caring, ‘older sister’ character – Tamaki Kousaka, in a voluptuous, daring pose!

The ever-reliable ‘Tama-nee’ is showing her more defenseless side, just for you! And since she has been sculpted in a magnificent 1/6 scale, it’s certainly a side that shows off some of her greatest charms – even with both of her hands she can’t cover the volume of her bust, which is bound to draw almost anyone’s eyes.

Enjoy the company of a more risqué Tama-nee by adding her to your collection!


Tamaki from Aquaplus’s dating sim, ToHeart2, gets figure treatment by MaxFactory.


There’s a lot of Tama-nee figures out there but I prefer this one as it looks more like the original character and natural.


The scale is 1/6 which means it is huge, but wont be tall as she’s in kneeling pose. Not to forget about the price tag, retails for 8,800yen, Ouch..


The pose is a bit daring and eye catching. ^^;


Some might have to avoid it being seen by their mom or girlfriend.


Tama-nee looks extremely cute from this angle.


Bouncy feel… Nice job on sculpting work.




Anyone gonna get her? I’ll pass due to the price tag… sigh…

3 thoughts on “Kousaka Tamaki by Good Smile Company”

  1. verycurious says:

    OMG… like, dude!

    1. John says:

      Great isn’t it.. What a piece of art.

  2. verycurious says:

    srsly i think that her boobs are about to explode! and it’s bigger than her head lolx!

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