Managing My Life


Which step should I take?

This post has nothing to do with my usual photo post or ramblings about anime/figure blablabla..

For the first time, I feel like want to share my current feelings at here.

Now, as I said previously… Somehow, I lost the motivation to write, partly because there was a huge change in my life last year…

Not just about my blog, something that even more serious is, I felt that my passion towards the otaku culture seems to be fading away, slowly.

I do tried to take a break from my harsh studies during my semester break, and get back into my anime.. but turned out to be… I was distracted, by PC games…

And now, my break is over… Gawd… and looking at the new season’s anime… I can’t even get excited… (probably the most of the show sucks…)

Anyway, I’m still following some classic or previous season’s anime… Perhaps I need something to light up my passion once again.

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One thought on “Managing My Life”

  1. Suto says:

    no… i think it is because most of this season’s series aren’t that great to begin with. Even, I find myself more exited for spring2011 than winter10/11

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