Marina Barrage

20101113 Marina Barrage - 01

During my last trip to Singapore, it was so rushed that I only stayed at there for around 48hours only. I spent most of the time at AFA X, but thanks to my uncle, I manage to squeeze some time to go around Singapore city at night. For your information, my uncle lives at Singapore currently, and I had my accommodation problem solved.

It was drizzling that night, my uncle drove us to the orchard road. Too bad that the Christmas decorative there aren’t ready yet. I bet it’ll look awesome when they’re all lighted up. Do check out my cousin’s photo post on the night trip – Here.

Was unable to take decent photos because of the weather and low light condition. T.T Thank goodness that the rain stopped when we arrived at Marina Barrage – a dam that built across the mouth of the bay.

all photos are taken with my Lumi-chan (LX3).

20101113 Marina Barrage - 02

There’s a bridge which doubles as the roof of the building – they called it green roof. Up from there, you could see a nice view of the Marina Bay.

Without tripods, these are the best shot I could get… Hope you guys enjoy the photos.

High Res photos (14.83mb).

20101113 Marina Barrage - 03

The Marina Bay Sands.

20101113 Marina Barrage - 04

20101113 Marina Barrage - 05

20101113 Marina Barrage - 06

20101113 Marina Barrage - 07

The Eye of Singapore.

20101113 Marina Barrage - 08

20101113 Marina Barrage - 09

The barrage was built to serve as a freshwater reservoir and also a tidal barrier to keep seawater out.

20101113 Marina Barrage - 10

20101113 Marina Barrage - 11

20101113 Marina Barrage - 12

It was an inspiring trip and I hope I could’ve been there longer.

Singapore in your to-visit list?

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  1. MikeD says:

    Nice pictures John. You take good pictures don’t worry.

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