Merdeka ~ Happy Birthday Malaysia

Took this photo few hours ago…

31st of August, the independence day of my beloved country, Malaysia.

Yeap, I do love Japan. However, Malaysia is the country where I born. The place where I grow up.

My love for Malaysia is different. (sorry, I s*cks at expressing my feelings..)

Happy 53rd Birthday Malaysia.

Lets put aside all those newspaper headlines that being strongly debated recently.. wait, aren’t those happened before… ah well…I have no intention to talk about those stuff today, perhaps in another post.

2 thoughts on “Merdeka ~ Happy Birthday Malaysia”

  1. MikeD says:

    Happy Birthday/Independence day to Malaysia , John.
    Always a good thing to see for our friends around the
    I hope you’ll continue to share great pictures from
    around your town like that above and from the country
    when you get out that way.

    1. John says:

      planned to go around the town for photo-shooting with some friends. perhaps there would be photowalk/cycle post in near future..

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