Miku Append version

miku append - 01

Lately, while I was browsing for figure updates, I stumbled into this gorgeous Miku figure.

Masaki’s blog revealed that the figure will be released on 30th of April, but so far still now updates on which company will in charge in the production… (most likely will be Max Factory, as Masaki works on most figmas)

miku append - 02

The sculpt work, the colouring… everything are so perfect!!

miku append - 03

miku append - 04

What a majestic pose…

miku append - 05

miku append - 06

She’s emitting a kind of aura that screams out “BUY ME!!”

miku append - 07

So far we only know that she’s sculpted by Masaki… and most likely produced by Max Factory.

other than that, there’s no news about the scaling and pricing, well, guess have to wait until 30th April.

via Masaki’s blog

One thought on “Miku Append version”

  1. Fabrice says:

    Like i said in other blogs… she looks stuuning, i saw the price.. expensive. but to me thi figure is a muct get!
    so much good detailed, =/
    so making want to get it..

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