Mooncake Festival Family Gathering

A little bit late for this post… Went to Shah Alam last Saturday, had a Mooncake Festival family gathering at my uncle’s house.

Reached my uncle’s place earlier than I expected. While my father is discussing something with my uncles and my mother preparing the dinner with my aunts, I decided to test out my new LX3. I’m a newbie in digital camera photography, and I totally missed out some important parts those need to be in the picture.. By the way, review for my LX3 is coming soon.

My father has 6 siblings including himself. He has 2 elder brothers and 3 younger brothers, he’s third in the family.

My lil bro, Samuel, plays the piano, although he knows nothing. The gorgeous* lady standing beside is my cousin, Grace, she’s 11months younger than me. She’s my eldest uncle’s daughter.

A table full of dead plants and animals awaiting to be devoured.

Before the event starts, we have first round of eating…

from left, Samuel, me and Jason – Grace’s youngest brother.

Benjamin, my 2nd uncle’s son, standing beside my bro.

Brandon – Benjamin’s lil bro, and Jason.

Bernard – Benjamin’s elder bro, and another cool guy is Grace’s neighbour, forgot-his-name…

Left, Pastor Quek (should be correct) and my eldest uncle.

Pastor is giving a talk…

My fifth uncle’s son, George. Well, my mom is holding him.

Second round of Eating SPREE…

George and his father^^

He’s my cousin, his name is John too^^

Lighting up the lanterns.

Walk around the housing area, the area is very safe because that is a luxury housing area and it is security guarded. Huge bungalow is everywhere, with BMWs, Porches, Mini and etc.

I Just took some photos only… as I spent most of my time fiddling with the camera setting in order to take some proper night images.

Took some rest and then back Sitiawan again… lol

How did you spent your Mooncake festival?

5 thoughts on “Mooncake Festival Family Gathering”

  1. chloe says:

    oh my… NICE HOUSE…

    my mooncake festival was just…. meh~~

    1. John says:

      yeah… a big nice house…

      well… “meh~~”

  2. Dalton! says:

    Wah, whose guitar in the first pic!

    1. John says:

      my cousin, Jason^^

  3. Ivy says:

    Looks warm. ^^

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