My Current Status

Readers might noticed that since last week, I rarely post any articles and even announced that to put my News section on hold for about 10days..

It’s not like I’m busy playing games until I have to temporary cut down my blog post.

There are few factors, first, because of my PC’s motherboad is dead. So I sent it back to claim the warranty, which resulted that I have to PC to use…

No PC, but my downloads still have to continue, so instead using my new laptop, I choose to “abuse” my old crap laptop. Currently the old laptop is replacing my PC for 24/7 download..

Since the laptop is too old, the respond is slow as hell too… Running more than 2 or more program would cause the laptop to lag. such as running Firefox, Bitcomet and Messenger at the same time…

Surfing internet is such a pain…I couldn’t opening more than 3-4 tabs in Firefox. So, in order to avoid that I destroying the laptop, I’d rather cut down my internet surfing time…

Factor 2, since I’ll be moving to Kampar in this weekend, I’ve being busy preparing and packing my things… Furthermore, there is still no broadband service applied at my house there. So, I’ll blog about the latest news once I got online.

Thanks for reading and your support.

2 thoughts on “My Current Status”

  1. ck says:

    must post your new life in kampar

    1. John says:

      no problem, moving out tomorrow morning.

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