Nendoroid Amano Tooko by Good Smile Company

Nendoroid Amano Tooko - 01

Nendoroid Amano Tooko

Scale: Nendoroid

Sculpter: Kazuyoshi Udono

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Original: Bungaku Shoujo: The Movie

Release Date: 2010 October

Retail Price: 3500yen (incl tax)

Information from:

Product Description:

She’s a monster that eats stories?!From the anime movie recently released in Japanese theaters, “Bungaku Shoujo: The Movie” which is based on the popular light novel series of the same name, is this Nendoroid of the head of the literature club, the “Literature Girl” Tooko Amano.Various poses can be taken with the Nendoroid, such as the familiar pose of Tooko sitting with her legs up on a chair, or even the scene where she eats pages from a book can be remade with included stickers. You can even place her inside the Surströmmings and make her look like a fish-girl using the included replaceable parts.The possibilities to recreate your favorite scenes are all there!

Nendoroid Amano Tooko - 02

Nendoroid Amano Tooko - 03

Yeap, she’s eating her book… If you ever wondered why she do so, that’s because she’s a supernatural creature that devours stories… well, no idea why cause the movie only shows at Japan cinemas and we have to wait several months before the release of DVD or perhaps Bluray.

Nendoroid Amano Tooko - 04

Never tasted a book before.. her expression says, its delicious.

Nendoroid Amano Tooko - 05

Her true form??

Well the very last image destroyed my impression of cute and pure on her….

Anyone getting her.. I’m saving for Senjougahara Hitagi, pass…

One thought on “Nendoroid Amano Tooko by Good Smile Company”

  1. Fabrice says:

    Im so glad i ordered her,
    yes this is her true form, eating books =)
    its true! XD

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