New Phase of Life

New Phase

New Phase

First, I must say my appreciation to all of you who reads this post, especially those who has been following me closely for the past few years. THANK YOU for your support on my humble little blog. Despite the fact that I have left this blog unattended for almost 1 year due to my work, I have no plans to stop writing and of course, I still pay for the domain and hosting services or else the blog would have gone under for real.

My day job as a software engineer in ManagePay has been fruitful and fun. Due to the nature of the company’s business, new challenges kept pouring into the team and thanks to that, I have gained countless invaluable experience throughout the 3.5 years of service in the company. They are simply irreplaceable no matter sweet or bitter encounters.

That being said, it has come to a point where the challenges start to take a toll on me. Mondays are bluer than ever, mornings felt more difficult for me to get prepared for the 9-6 job, and evenings are the best moment as I finally get to work on my own projects.

Then, I start to ask myself what I really wanted to achieve in my life. Quote by Albert Einstein,

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I felt that I wanted to move on or else I would have stayed on the same spot and regret when I’m old.

2016 will be one of the most important and significant year down in my life where I truly learned the actual meaning of waking up in the morning and eagerly to face the new challenges of the day. I quit my job to pursue my dream of bringing technology knowledge to the mass.

The 3.5 years working as a software engineer will not be wasted. In fact, all those experience has awakened my sleeping desire to achieve my true goal and I’m sure they will continue to serve as my fuel to obtain even higher achievements.

This website will undergo quite a bit major changes to reflect my new self. Until then, take care.

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