NOKIA BH-604 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Always wanted to try out a bluetooth headset, until today, I recieved the bluetooth stereo headset. I’ll write a simple review(?) of it. Don’t expect much from my review, I’m a newbie and noobie.

Before I start, I would like to share something.

When I recieved the item, I was shocked that the seller didn’t package my item in another box or at least wrap it with a layer of mahjong paper or whatever… He just sent the item with the original box. Thank god that my item arrived safely.

What’s inside the box

BH-604 headset, AC-5X charger, user manual, soft case(?) / bag

I lol-ed at the soft case/bag….

Check out the body

Out of the box, the headset looks a bit smaller than what I expect… DJ-style design overhead headset, looks cool with silver finish. It has very soft cushion on the head band and the ear-piece. Satisfied with the looks and comfort.


Pairing the device is so easy that anyone who used bluetooth before would know how. I spent less than 1minute to pair up my Nokia 5700XM with the headset.

Bluetooth devices have an effective working range of 10metres, same for this headset. I tried walking around my house with the headset, which I found the signal is pretty good. Sometimes the signal get distorted when I walk too far away or another side of the wall.

Sound Quality

Tried various kinds of musics on the headset and the quality is really nice. Although it is not the best, however, it satisfies me.


A nice headset with cool looking and great audio quality. Just the pricetag would drive you insane. forgot to mention that the battery life of the headset is surprisingly long. 75minutes of charge would last for maximum 20 hours of talk/music time. Or 300 hours of standby time.

Pros: wireless, long battery life, great audio quality

Cons: high pricetag, portability

8 thoughts on “NOKIA BH-604 Bluetooth Stereo Headset”

  1. TCY says:

    haha,u de so big ,like tat is cheap liao lor , me de so small de oso cheaper thn urs de a bit oni…

    me later get my money tat time oni buy 1 creative de headphone to complete my collection.fakau damn de pepsi, low efficiency

  2. John says:

    Hey my friend, you know, your Creative in-ear headphone is way more better than mine. The quality is superbly insane… I never had such wonderful music listening experience before…

    omfg… you collect headphones ar…

    *ps for others, you guys may think us are insane for getting a headphone that costs over hundred RMs… some even told me that headphones are all the same, RM5 pasar malam headphone also can use… HOWEVER, once u tried a real headphone, you’ll know the difference.

  3. BlazeXLR8 says:

    how much for this wireless headset?? i wan to gt 1 too, gt sony errison de ma?? wait until i gt money la..haha!

  4. TCY says:

    I prefer listening songs wif more bass , so I bought a gud de , but sum ppl like to listen to high treble de mah ,so RM5 de can get 1 liao.

    u get wat money wor,u r welcome to buy 1 , since it is a HQ stuff.

    u can choose to buy tis + an adapter ,thn u can use on ur hp liao

  5. John says:

    TCY brother….

    after reading your previous comment for N times… Finally i get what you mean…

    he said: How much is your budget? you’re welcome to buy one if you got money, it is a high quality stuff. (expensive)

    You can buy this BH-604 with an adapter to use on Sony-Erricson phone.

    actually, there is no need to buy any adapter… because bluetooth is universal. if the phone got bluetooth, then it is compatible. if possible, the phone should have A2DP for fully utilize the headset’s function.

  6. TCY says:

    actually i type wrong liao , blur blur jor tat time , but nvm la , juz let it be.

    and the high treble oso add “”…

  7. Ding says:

    Ei, Bros, i tried out a BOSE noise cancelling High-Def headphone…
    The sound is……………… beyond heaven….
    However, the price tag is … 300pounds.. = RM 1600.
    And this is oni mid range… hahaha, the high range model hav…… indescribable sounds…
    and a big fat price tag…

  8. John says:

    BOSE headphones, those are crazy products… and the price tag is instant kill too…

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