Online Banking

Back then I could only heard or read how convenient online banking are. Never had any chance of trying out it, until my father started using e-banking provided by Public Bank few years ago.

After I helped him to activate his e-banking account, in 1 months time, he’s able to use it to pay for various payments and bills, such as electricity bill, water bill and so on, everything by himself… By the way, my UTAR’s every payment including admission fees are paid via online banking too… I’m impressed that my father could use it effectively…

Before, I came to Kampar, I applied a personal banking account at Maybank. So that I could get the money through the account from my parents(thank you). At UTAR, it’s best if you have a Public Bank account. I think it’s because UTAR is having some sort of partnership with Public Bank. Therefore, any payments such as tuition fees can be paid easily via Public Bank. So I applied a Public Bank personal banking account too.

I’ve used my Maybank account to pay my telephone bill, Celcom XPAX reload and etc… It’s so easy to use and convenient… No need cash, no need to go to post office/TM point…

So, did any of you tried out online banking?

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