Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi First Impression

Ookami-san - 01

Even though she is Cinderella, but she isn’t the female lead of the show. And I like how she kicks her prince in the face.

“Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi”, or translated as “Ookami-san and Seven Companions”. Yeah, that’s a long title, and to make things simple, I’ll just call it “Ookami-san”.

The story is about a club called “Otogi Bank”, which its members helps other students to solve their problem. But the students have to return the favour in future by assisting the members on a different matter.

This show is actually a parody of many famous fairy tales, for example, in the first episode, involved Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. Not to forget the title is a pun of “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs”.

Ookami-san - 02

Our female lead, Ookami Ryouko, and her Neko-Neko Knuckles. I swear that is the most awesome and cutesome knuckles I’ve ever seen.

Ookami-san - 03

Her childhood friend, Akai Ringo.

PS* Ryouko and Ringo’s names are actually a play on words relating to “Little Red Riding Hood”. Ookami means wolf while Akai means Red.

Ookami-san - 04

The club president, Kiriki Liszt. and his cousin, Kiriki Alice.

Ookami-san - 05

Tsurugaya Otsuu, club maid… lol?

Ookami-san - 06

Majolika le Fay, Mad Scientist?? She dress more like a witch…

Anyway, her role is much like the club’s logistic director.

Ookami-san - 07

and the mysterious duo, Urashima Tarou and Ryuugu Otohime.

Ookami-san - 08

and lastly our male lead, Morino Ryoushi. Well, a shy boy who can’t stand other people watching him..

Good thing that he confessed to Ookami in the first episode, in that way.

Ookami-san - 09

Service~ Service~

I enjoyed the first episode, the story has it’s own originality such as the use of story narrator. The parody on those famous fairy tales is pure LOL, because we all heard of those stories before, and now they mish-mash it into something new, refreshing… and ah it brings back memories too..

but somehow, I’m a kind of audience that watches anime in a sensible way. I mean I can’t really accept how this Otogi Bank club works.. They risks themselves for others in return of other’s help? hmmm…

Anyway, I just watched the first episode of this series… I can say that this series might be a good anime.. but still far for being a masterpiece. We shall see.

8 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi First Impression”

  1. Persocom says:

    I’ve seen the first two episodes so far. It’s pretty fun and I love the neko knuckles. Not my favorite show this season but it’s enjoyable. I do like the fairy tale spin on things ^^

    1. John says:

      you’re fast.. first comment, 4minutes after I post it..

  2. Raki says:

    with the type of plot and setting for ookami-san, it wont be the best series of the season but than again it doesn’t need to. Its a totally enjoyable series for the laughs and the nostalgia feel of fairy tales remixed.

    I definitely following it despite of some of its shortcomings. beside, currently nothing is overlapping it’s theme so its worth to watch. plus, I believe in JCstaff & some more Kuroko!!!!

    p/s: get up to ep3 and get a little shock (plus more laughs) on one of our character’s past. sry for the spoiler

    1. John says:

      I’m planning to follow up the episodes after today’s class

  3. Kairu90 says:

    I loved this series. It felt pretty fresh to me. I love the narration it keeps things interesting. I did not really catch on to the fairytale references at first, but I got a huge kick out of them once I realized it. I am definitely loving the fan service thrown in.

    The whole rule of the Otogi bank seems interesting. They still have never said what they have to do to return the favors…I am guessing that it will be a plot twist later on..at least it seems like it to me.

  4. Fabrice says:

    So far its meh, JC staff trolling XD
    they seem to always do fun fun series and not any serious anime well as far as i know.

    Ookami is alright, i expected better… i hope there is a plot..

  5. John says:

    True.. J.C.STAFF is a great animation studio.. and they always play safe by doing some average and fun titles.

  6. Hana says:

    I LOVE Ookami-san. I’ve seen every single episode and I keep going back for more. I highly reccomend. 🙂

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