Out of Luck


When you thought assignment dues + practical test combo in the same week were tormenting, I had extra doses of “awesomeness” when my car and my PC decided to stop working in the way they should be.

Last week, I was occupied by the assignments due and practical test which falls exactly on Friday. Everything was going as planned which we don’t have to work overnight to meet the due.

Just like what my lecturer said, “Uncertainties is always there.”

My car broke down on Wednesday. I have no idea why the engine refuses to ignite. That was frustrating because I just spent a load of moo-lah changing the dead battery and cleaning the radiator. I leave the car be, and focus on my assignments and test.

My PC wanted to spice up the thing and went BSOD on Friday morning. Thank goodness it didn’t perform that stunt when I was completing my assignments on Thursday night. Otherwise, it’ll be in pieces.

After finishing the Friday’s class, I called a foreman came over to fix the car = my moneh goes into his pocket.

Fixing my BSOD machine is out of the question, I have NO MOOD to look at blue screens.

How was your week?

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