Project 955


As what I mentioned in my previous post, that there will be a new PC building project.

The first batch of parts arrived yesterday. This marks the official commencing of Project 955.

Well, perhaps this is the most pathetic project.. lots of parts need to borrow..

Here’s the first batch’s item:

Future (coming soon perhaps…):

  • PSU – SilverStone Strider ST50F-230 500W / borrow PSU…
  • Case – Thermaltake V3 / borrow casing or no casing lolx..

recycled or borrowed parts:

Speaking of who wanted this kind of PC build – the person is me…

My budget is quite tight and only capable of buying the processor, motherboard and RAM. Other parts I have to recycle from old PCs or borrow from others.

The priority is to have the computer running at the lowest cost and then only upgrade the components one by one.

As conclusion, this is a long term or a step by step project…

By the way, the open box impression will only be posted after 6th February which is after my Semester Final Examination.

Until then see ya.

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