Recettear – An Item Shop’s Tale


I had this game since a while ago, but didn’t had time to play it. Or I rather say that I’ve been lazy to install it.

Currently is my semester break, so I dig up this game and had a whirl on it.

Guess what, I spent 8hours straight to clear the game. It was so~ addictive and fun.

The game is a doujin work which then translated into English and distributed digitally. I think you could get it from Steam.

It is a RPG-styled shop-keeping & dungeon crawling game. You play as a girl named Racette Lemongrass, who need to clear of her father’s debt. Tear, the fairy representative of the finance company, helps her to operate an item shop to earn money and pay the debt.

I’ve completed the base part of the game, which I paid all the debts already, however I could still continue playing it as the game now turned into endless mode. Level up, unlock more items.

Oh, not to forget the Survival mode, which you challenge how long you could survive with the ever-increasing-debt until you can’t make enough money to get over it.

A hidden gem indeed, try it out if possible.

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  1. Suto says:

    just to point out that the game is now available in steam and is currently 50% off on steam’s holiday sale until 2 jan 2011

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