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It’s Left4Dead VS Mode Tournament which held at Sitiawan’s Cosplay Internet Centre on last Sunday (8th November 2009). It is a qualifier tournament sponsored by SteelSeries and Cooler Master CM Storm. The finals will be held in Selangor/KL area around December 2009. More details at AsianCyberGames. Along with my friends, we took part in this qualifier tournament for 2 reasons – Free registration & Win the prizes.


Cosplay Internet Centre is one of the participating cyber cafe that support the L4D tournament. Although the cyber cafe is called “Cosplay” but you won’t find any cosplayer in there. ^^;


The tournament’s registration is done at the spot, however, Cosplay’s staff ask us to register earlier as they could prepare this team card for every team members. Our team’s registration is done by one of our members, Teh. Since other members are not around in Sitiawan, so he decided the team’s name – 1K HunteR (because the 1st prize is RM1000, Yes, we take part for the money…)


Yes, we all laugh at the team’s name as it would be so embarrassing if we lose the game with that name – Failed Hunter.


It is a simple single-elimination-tournament. The teams are assigned through drawing.


The rules are pretty simple, each team must consists of 4 members. The campaign used would be either No Mercy or Blood Harvest. The choosing of campaign and infected/survivor start is done by both team leader via coin flip. For example, if team A wins the coin flip, they are given the option to either:

  • Choose the campaign, then let Team B choose to start with infected/survivor.
  • Choose to start with infected/survivor, then let Team B choose the campaign.


Only the last 3 maps of the selected campaign will be played. Which means the 3rd, 4th and 5th(finale) maps. After the final map, the accumulated final points will be taken as the final score to determine the winner team.


1K HunteR team members (from left) – Beh Chei Kiat (Beh), Ng Pei Feng (HuiHui), John Diew Jun Han (JoHN), Teh Siong Hwa (Teh). Photo taken after we won the first round.


Other rules are pretty standard, such as Sportsmanship, non-offensive names, no exploits and no camping at illegal spots.


This is the second team we faced during the quarter-final, a team sponsored by Cosplay Internet Centre. At first we thought that we’re going to lose the tournament because during the training with this team the day before the tournament, we lose deadly…


This young man which I forgot his name is a professional gamer. He is one of the tournament judge/management team.


List of Survivors lol..


Cosplay has changed a lot since my last visit, they’ve upgraded most of their systems, such as PCs equiped with 9800GT/9500GT and gaming keyboard & mouse.


I forgot to take the completed table.. This is incomplete…


Lunch time. and here’s some additional IN-ACTION photos got from Asian Cyber Games.










3rd Place – won by Planta team. The 4 guys from right are the team members.


2nd Place – won by U6D.


Champion – 1K HunteR with Cosplay’s proprietress.


A photo of 1K HunteR with e-Club online management members (3guys at the left) and Cosplay’s boss and his wife.


Apart from taking home RM1000 prize, we also got each person a Left4Dead mousepad and a limited edition SteelSeries QcK+MIBR mousepad (an enormous 45cmx40cm mousepad lol).


This is our first attempt in a tournament and unexpectedly won the tournament. It is a great experience and the feeling of nervousness while the game is going and winning the game is indescribable. Also thanks to the hard work of 1K HunteR members.

5 thoughts on “Sitiawan Left4Dead Tournament”

  1. BlackSun88 says:

    wow left 4d tournament, and it is free!! congratulation for winning ^^

  2. Xevenz says:

    is there another L4D Tournament…? i heard that this is one of the qualifier..

    do they welcome Foreign-Team, or just for Malaysian..?

    btw, 1K HunteR, you got CP..? looking forward for a match.. 🙂

  3. John says:

    BlackSun88: Thx…

    Xevenz: This is a qualifier tournament for the finals that gonna held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, around December. I’m not sure if they welcome foreign team or not. btw, what is CP?? I’m new to gaming tournaments… ^^

  4. chloe says:

    dang… you guys were amazing… congrats on winning bro~

  5. Xevenz says:

    @John : CP means Contact Person. Maybe we can try to scrim sometimes.. 🙂

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