SPM coming soon

Yo folks, how are you guys… sorry for being absent from my blog for such a long period…

Everyone knows that SPM is coming real soon… study study study is the only thing we need to do… This is really tormenting as we have to pack everything we learnt in last 2 years into our brain…

anyone has any method for efficient study? placing an IC into our brain? zzz

It seems that determination is the key of success… with determined spirit, passion and target, we could afford keep on studying for couple hours… I think la…

While I was writing the last paragraph, this issue passed over my mind just now… I always wondered, those who always score in their exams and always studying until late night… sometimes even giving up sleeping…

what are they thinking in their mind? what provide them such determination to move on… To score in all subjects is not an easy task.. as you have to give up on many things… I guess I don’t have to list out those “what to give ups”…

I think I’ve wrote something unappropriate… something I souldn’t talk about.. fine… I’m sorry for talking to myself……..

before putting and end to this post.. I’m announcing that I’m going to cut down my time on blogging.. this means less post…. but not completely stop..

until then…

3 thoughts on “SPM coming soon”

  1. BlazeXLR8 says:

    can u imagine u gt last in the class??? NOWAY!!!!! tatis my determination to study until wholenite i guess! haha! KIASHU!

  2. John says:

    thats true…

  3. filetofish says:

    just try your best in your exam.
    and study hard of course to get good results.
    jia you ba
    study hard play hard
    but play only after the exam.XD

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