SPM result Get!!!!

Today, nightmare for everyone who took SPM on 2008… The day we get our SPM result.

and hell yeah….

my result:

BM – B3
BI – A1
Moral – B3
SJ – A1
Math – A1
A.Math – B4
Phy – B3
Che – B4
Bio – B3
BC – B3
EST – A2

quite disappointed with this result… I thought I’m getting 7A 4B… but reality is 4A 7B…. still acceptable… cause none of 11 subjects get C…

3 thoughts on “SPM result Get!!!!”

  1. yongying says:

    so…ur aim is nt to get a C?? XD
    anyway…great to hear that u’re still okay wit ur results!
    any plans for ur future?

  2. John says:

    during my times in form4 and form5… i screwed up my studies… I get A1 to D8 for my 11 subjects in every exams, including SPM trial…

    after that, I studied hard for my SPM, I studied starting from the beginning and I succeed to make it all above B4 level.


  3. 雪梨子 says:

    Hi~ Ah John..
    Did u noe who i m?
    Haha… Link me o~

    Ur result not bad la coz no C…
    Den u got wat planning?

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