UTAR – Reporting In

Today is the registration day for those who applied for UTAR May intake of Foundation programme.

Went early in the morning… The process just took a few minutes. Giving them my Identity Card and after verification, the person in charge would give a T-Shirt and a file folder.

What we got inside the folder is a booklet about the orientation programme, a booklet about the Counseling and Guidance, a notebook, timetable/calendar, pen, urgent notes and a temporary student pass.

The whole registration programme is very organized, from the entrance, you got bunch of guys wearing white and black (safe-guards) to control the traffic and lead your way to the registration hall. Until the exit, you still got some fella telling you where is the exit… The whole registration process just took 10minutes including queue-ing up… Which means, we arrived the place at 8am, we went back on 8.15am…

2 thoughts on “UTAR – Reporting In”

  1. YuMie Wee says:

    utar kampar?

    1. John says:

      oh yes.

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