Western Digital MyBook Home Edition 1TB

Received this item weeks ago, but only blog about it today. Decided to get this because I’m in need of extra storage for my data. Now my setup is, PC HDD 160GB, 4937G laptop 320GB, Portable HDD 160GB, MyBook 1TB.

The item is nicely packed by the seller. Kudos for wrapping multi-layer of bubble wrap.

What’s inside the box?

User manual, USB cable, Firewire cable, power cable and the unit itself.

The power plug is swappable. Included 3 types of power plug, used in different region. To my disappointment is that they didn’t include eSATA cable. I have to buy separately. Thus, I went to every PC shop at my hometown to search for eSATA cable, as expected, none of them sell it. Some even ask me what is that… Marvelous…

Specs and Design

It has triple interface, USB 2.0, Firewire 400 and eSATA, therefore very flexible with different OS and hardware.

I like the enclosure’s design, the heat could dissipate easily. However, I don’t think I could open the enclosure easily as it seems to be snap fit.

Capacity gauge, this is something fancy to show you how much space is available in your HDD… Works only with USB and Firewire connection.


I want to remind that, this is an EXTERNAL hard disk drive, not a PORTABLE hard disk drive.

Pros: high capacity, low heat, nice design looks like a book, fancy gauge.

Cons: a bit pricey if compared with DIY, not including eSATA cable, not earthed, slightly problem with Vista OS…

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