1/8 supercell feat. Miku Hatsune: World is Mine by Good Smile Company

supercell feat. Miku Hatsune: World is Mine

Scale: 1/8

Sculpter: Iwanaga Sakurako (Shokubutsu Shoujoen)

Producer: Good Smile Company

Original: supercell’s PV “World is Mine”

Release Date: September 2009

Retail Price: 8800yen

Information from: HobbySearch & Good Smile Company

The best princess in the world.

From supercell’s beautiful PV ‘World is Mine’, with music composed by ryo and graphical designs by redjustice, comes this regal figure of ‘Princess’ Miku. She has been sculpted in an identical pose to the original illustration – her charming eyes gazing deeply ahead, as she lies relaxed on a comfortable bed with her cute, yet selfish expression suiting her pose perfectly.

As a new idea to bring a new sense of interior design to figures, the stand has been created as a frame, allowing you to display her in a range of new ways! Besides displaying the figure simply by itself, you can now also use the frame to display her as a wall-mounted decoration, or a leaning ornament. The frame comes in two colors, ‘Brown’ and ‘Natural’, allowing you to pick the color that suits your room best!

see Natural frame also: HobbySearch & Good Smile Company

You can display it as a wall-mounted decoration too.

Natural frame.

Preorders are available at your favourite online hobby stores.

2 thoughts on “1/8 supercell feat. Miku Hatsune: World is Mine by Good Smile Company”

  1. BlazeXLR8 says:

    wow, i like this, but it’s so expensive loooo!!!
    emm,but u can consider to giv me as my birthday present next year lo..wuahaha!

    1. John says:

      currently don’t have that much extra money to spend…^^

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