Acer Aspire 4937G

Here we are, Acer Aspire 4937G-742G32Mn. Ordered this laptop about few weeks ago and arrived on 15th April… Being looking around for a laptop that meets my requirements, that is enough for my usage and economical. Of course, $$ is important. ah, this laptop costs RM2999.

Before that, I was targeting at the 4935G, also priced RM2999. Luckily I didn’t buy that model, if not, when 4937G come out, I’ll gonna hit my head on the wall. I didn’t buy the 4935G because, I was expecting the price to drop while I wait for my application for UTAR to be replied. Instead of a price drop, Acer releases a newer model… =.= I think lotsa people are hitting their head on the wall now..

So what is the difference between the 2 models? well 4935G has DDR2 RAM, while 4937G has DDR3 RAM which is newer and faster. Hey, at the same price, but the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 are vast…

The Looks

Don’t really care about the looks, and don’t really know how to describe it either. I always thinks that performance is the most important aspect. However I’ll still simply go through it.

Very cool looking back lid, black gloss finish with slightly blue.

Simple Specs

Intel Core2Duo P8400 2.26GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 3MB L2 Cache
NVIDIA GeForce G 105M 512MB DDR2
320GB Hitachi 5400RPM 8MB SATA HDD
Slimtype DVD A Multi-L
Atheros PCI-E Ethernet Controller
Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN

What we got…

at the right side we got, a (1)USB 2.0 port, (2)Optical Drive, (3)Phone line port, (4)Kensington lock slot.

Left side, (1)DC-in jack, (2)Ethernet port, (3)VGA port, (4)USB2.0/eSATA port, (5)HDMI port, (6)USB 2.0 port, (7)audio ports, (8)ExpressCard/54 slot

Base view, (1)Battery, (2)HDD bay, (3)Memory compartment, (4)Vent and fan..

After using it for almost 2 weeks, here’s a simple conclusion I got.

Pros(good): RM2999 Value buy, Intel P8400, DDR3 RAM, nvidia G105M, good looking, 320GB, HD, eSATA, can play extreme games at mid-lower graphics settings and etc still increasing…..

Cons(bad): 3 USB slots only, if eSATA port is being used, means only left 2 USB slots (will get extension USB) , Acer MediaTouch not sensitive enough, annoying Acer eAudio management, too glossy easily left fingerprints on it, speaker not good enough (of course, it’s a laptop), DVD drive works like my mom’s hair dryer (most laptop has this prob)

Would better if: got Intel P8600, got nvidia 9600M, got Full HD(impossible), change that Hitachi 5400RPM HDD, change that noisy optical drive.

Lastly, although the Cons looks more than the Pros, however, they’re all small problems. I’m satisfied with the overall performance of this laptop.

58 thoughts on “Acer Aspire 4937G”

  1. Seizhin says:

    I was looking around for a laptop, and it was one of the option I have in mind.

    Thanks for the review, you really helps!

    1. John says:

      you’re welcome. I’m just write whatever in my mind about this laptop.

  2. ace says:

    i also bought the laptop like yours but im still thinking why im not satisfy about the performance of acer 4937g but the specs is impressive. what should i do

  3. akuskema says:

    not all speakers of a laptop is not loud & precise. look at hp or compaq laptops. sound quality is amazing, crisp and doubles d maximum volume of acer speakers, but of course, it consume much MORE battery power, haiz…

  4. Tom says:

    i too have the same model of laptop. bought it in Singapore. I think the sound is good. u hav to change the speaker output to 5.1. hope tat helps.

  5. John says:

    Ace: I do have this kind of feeling too sometimes, maybe I’m expecting too much. But still looking back at my current machines, this laptop has the best spec & performance.

    akuskema: HP has altec lansing speakers… it’s awesome.

    Tom: I know what you mean. This laptop has a great sound card, however, not a good speaker. But if we connect to a external speaker, it ROCKS!!

  6. Katsura says:

    Ever since my laptop got stolen and my Dad saw this laptop in the newspaper thinking its on special >.> (currently stuck in NZ) all I can do is log onto this blog entry everyday and drool at the laptop and hope my Dad doesn’t wise up and gets me this laptop anyways

    The specs look like more than enough for what I’d use it for (HD anime 14/7 anyone?)

    Can’t wait till I can get one 83

  7. Basaka says:

    Nice, I have a 4935G lol…

  8. ijan says:

    4935g also can use ddr3 1066..

  9. kong says:

    Actually im decided to buy tis too .. but i heard tat the laptop wif an ACER brand on it, suckz .. Once u use it for over 6 to 12 months , it would be extremely hot .. Is it true ?

  10. John says:

    Katsura: somehow, I understand how you feel too

    Basaka: 4935G still a good laptop

    ijian: will do some research on this, but with a same price I’d rather take ddr3 ^^

    kong: Many people told me that acer sucks too, however, I’ve used lots of acer products, and really satisfied with them. I think the matter is who and how they used it… in addition, I think DELL is the worst (in Malaysia, others no idea)… the only they good at is customer service, but their laptop have bunch of problems. worst nightmare with DELL.

    1. Arif says:

      That true…Dell is the worst….My previous Laptop acer too but no problem at all. I had used it for 2 years…now i bought 4937G 872G 32Mn with P8700 2.53 GHz…The new model hard to find in Acer Malaysia…but it so good…try it…

      1. nufrizal says:

        I need your Quotation and price the acer aspire 4937G with P8700 2.53Ghz

        1. ANA says:

          Hi, i know that u want a Quatation and price the acer aspire 4937G with P8700 2.53GHz. I have like that kind laptop. If u want 2 buy please call my brother 017-2984322.

  11. Man Celcom says:

    hey, i dont like shorcut overlay in vista…so big and need to remove..use tuneup ultilities …select styler …select appearance and remove shorcut overlay…looks greats without shortcut overlay in vista…sorry for my bad english

  12. Dr Adel says:

    Thank alot for this detailed infos, I saw it tonight in the bookstore and I really liked it, forwarding me to search the net untill I found your report and it really helped alot.

    I will buy it tomorrow. Thanks again.

  13. STRANGER says:

    Act i going to buy 1 but is ald too late b’cos out of stock.

    They say a new model coming in this mth, wit same price

    RM2999 wit more nice spec.

    waitting to buy soon…… 😛

    1. ANA says:

      Hi, i know that u want to buy the acer aspire 4937G with P8700 2.53GHz. I have like that kind laptop. If u want 2 buy please call my brother 017-2984322.

  14. Yaseen says:

    dude let me know how i use the memory card slot in acer 4937G. I can enter the card but how do i remove it ? really need to know it.. thanxz !

    1. John says:

      I have no problem slotting my SD card into the memory card slot…

      Make sure you’re memory card is
      MultiMedia Card,
      Secure Digital,
      Memory Stick or
      Memory Stick Pro…

      if not.. you’ll face trouble slotting in/out before you could read the card.

  15. ring_Go says:

    Bro, just wanna ask..

    what’s differences between ur laptop and my model..

    the price is just the same…

    go to this link…the price is just the same…

    1. John says:

      Your model uses Intel P8700 (2.53GHz) while mine uses Intel P8400 (2.26GHz)

      that’s the difference

  16. yaseen says:

    iam still waiting for your reply in regards with memory card removal from 4937G.

    1. John says:

      just replied… ^^

  17. Puge says:

    Grainy webcam, 4530 and lower models is alot sharper.
    Crappy Microphone

    Good Performance! Well atleast better from my previous laptops.
    I got mine with 500GB HDD and 4GB of memory

    I use this mostly for webdevelopment and graphic designs.

  18. theo says:

    i have acer 4937g 643G32Mn .existing memory is 3gb ddr3… is it possible to upgrade 4gb RAM….

    1. John says:

      your setup is 2GB + 1GB. to upgrade to 4GB, you have to change the 1GB to 2GB..

      but it’s not necessary though..

      1. theo says:

        i know how to do that but my what i mean is, is it possible my acer aspire 4937g 643G32Mn to upgrade 4gb..because i dont know if supported this up to 4gb RAM

        1. John says:

          I see, Sorry for misunderstanding your question.

          The laptop won’t support until 4gb full, however, you still can upgrade it to achieve dual channel.

        2. afhstingray says:

          it does support 4gb ram, but you’ll need a 64 bit operating system such as vista 64 bit, this is because 32 bit operating systems will only be able to “see” roughly 3gb of ram.

          if you download a copy of vista or borrow a CD from a friend, you can use the same CD key to activate the 64 bit version. this is completely legal, vista home premium and higher allow you to do this. hope this helps

  19. UzY says:

    Hey really nice review…it helped me alot in deciding which laptop to purchase…I just wanted to know if it heats like other acer laptops or if it heats just in general…THX

    1. John says:

      It is a very good laptop. If possible get this model 4937G-872G-32Mn.

      It has Intel P8700 (2.53GHz) instead of Intel P8400 (2.26GHz).

  20. afhstingray says:

    FYI: there is negligible difference between DDR2 and DDR3 ram on a laptop, if you google it you’ll find out more. DDR3 consumes slightly less power, you’re talking maybe 10 mins more battery life in the real world.

    the fact that DDR3 costs more than DDR2 makes it somewhat unattractive as there isnt really any performance benefit.

    not sure why some people are saying they’ve had a nightmare with dell, IIRC in malaysia dell units come with a next business day onsite warranty as standard, so if anything goes wrong, a technician will come to your house/office/university the next day and replace the parts/fix the problem, where else with acer you have to go back to the shop you bought it from, and then you’re without a computer for a few days while they send it back to the acer distributor.

  21. sinny says:

    i would like to know can the os from window vista home premium upgrade to ultimate when brought? coz window 7 is coming and i like to have window 7 ultimate without breaking my wallet to buy another window…

    1. John says:

      Check your country and PC manufactures for more information on how to get a free upgrade fom Vista to 7.

  22. MSH says:


    1. John says:

      Sorry, I can’t help on this cause I never used any 5.1 system before. Anyone out there could help?

  23. Man Celcom says:

    use acer e-empowerment for set 5.1 channel……download all e-empowerment software in this link to open your 5.1 channel….for vista 64 bit, use Acer eAudio Application e-empowerment 32bit…its working on vista 32bit…i assure you all use it to use 5.1 system with dolby support

    this link

    Thank you for best support

  24. Man Celcom says:

    remark : use Acer eAudio Application e-empowerment 32bit…its working on vista 64bit…

  25. NewbieGeek says:

    Can this model 4937g support ddr3 1333mhz ram? Can it support 9-cells battery? What are the negative sides effect if i install these to my laptop?

    1. John says:

      DDR3 1333MHz RAM would definitely work on this…

      But I’m not sure with the 9-cell battery.. anyone out there know about this??

  26. Nadeshiko says:

    i dont think this ram cannot being used…i use 1333 ram and working

  27. Man Celcom says:

    i think 9-cell battery for this laptop..same for Acer GEM

  28. NewbieGeek says:

    I was wonder can acer 4937g able to switch grachic like acer 5935? Switching from nvidia to intel or intel to nvidia…This would help me save battery life…If can, what shall i do to get this feature?

    1. John says:

      I don’t think this laptop is capable of doing this.

  29. hazem17 says:

    hello, In Egypt the Acer 4937G is :
    Intel Core2Duo T6500 2.1GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce G 105M 512MB DDR2
    500GB Hitachi 5400RPM 8MB SATA HDD
    Slimtype DVD A Multi-L
    Atheros PCI-E Ethernet Controller
    Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN
    14″ HD LED LCD
    so I find it very good but the processor is a bit lower than the other.

    1. John says:

      Thanks for the info. It seems that the processor is downgraded.

  30. Shan Johor Bahru says:

    Hi guys, im planning to sell my Acer 4937G bought last year 2009 middle august, with box, recovery cd, vista 32bit ori, plus some other accesories,upgraded 4gb, 2 charger, a mouse, keyboard protecter,

    Kapersky 2010 original,

    Selling at RM1600

    Intrested could call or mail me…thanks guys

    Getting a Macbook 🙂 he he he Apple A Day

    014 2783022

    Shan from Johor Bahru

  31. Saqib says:

    have had mine for almost ten months now
    it works really great except that it heats up very quickly
    Can you get a remote control with this laptop or can i use an HP remote control or something with it

    1. John says:

      Couldn’t agree more with the heat issue of this laptop. After cleaning the dust cumulated at the heat sink, the temperature dropped. So, better clear the heat sink once a while and keep the environment of your laptop clean.

      no idea whether could use HP remote with it or not.. but you could always use a bluetooth remote control.

      1. Saqib says:

        How exactly should I clean the heat sink, I’m a little phobic of opening up the whole laptop up as that may reduce the resale value
        Thanks in advance

        1. John says:

          I don’t open up the case, in fact I use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out from the intake vent, at the same time I use a blower to blow air into the vent at the back of laptop, forming a push-pull air flow.

          The reason of blowing air from the back is to make sure those hard-to-remove dust wont stuck at the heat sink, so that the vacuum could suck out all the dust.

          1. Saqib says:

            very gud idea, I’ll try that once I get some time on my hands
            Thanks a lot

  32. Man Celcom says:

    this laptop sale with many variant of CPU…like P8400 2.53Ghz C2D, T6500 2.23Ghz C2D…..and lowest one 2.1 Ghz…like P8400 soo rare and i buy it at SenQ….hmmm…why this laptop with this CPU 2.53 P8400 retract from market…something defect or mistaking price with spec…. i think toshiba satellite with this CPU about RM3600 but some harddisk bigger lah

  33. Man Celcom says:

    sorry remark P8400-P8700

  34. elly says:

    Hi I have the same laptop as yours.
    But Iam going to sell it.
    I bought this laptop 1 year ago.
    Still in warranty for another 2 years.
    I bought it for S$ 1700.
    If anyone interested with my laptop, please drop me and email to
    The reason why I want to sell because Iam thinking to buy the new one for work. Iam going to buy the higher specs. Basically this specs of my laptop good enough. But I need the higher one to do some drawings.


  35. ZS says:

    I am very new to buy a laptop. Can you recommend me some one please? I need fast speed, high memory and CD/DVD Reader and writter in that.

    1. John says:

      I cant help much on this… this depends a lot on your budget and which country you come from.

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