2010 April

2010 April - 01

Time passes… I still remember I just started my final semester during March, but now I already finished the semester… Which also concludes my Foundation Studies.

The month of April is full of tests and exams. Had mid term test during the first week of the month, then final exam at the final week…

2010 April - 02

Happy HuiHui.

2010 April - 03

Lecture hall when we arrived early.

2010 April - 04

Right after completing the mid term test, I went back for Ching Ming, or All Souls Day, to clean our ancestors’ tombs.

2010 April - 05

He’s Bernard, my cousin.

2010 April - 06

Bernard’s little brother, Brandon.

2010 April - 07

I’ve been busy helping out, so didn’t took much photo.

2010 April - 08

2010 April - 09

2010 April - 10

Streamyx occasionally let your internet down… not bad wha…

2010 April - 11

Some random shots during no internet connection.

2010 April - 12

Potato bread is good too, MYR2.00 goodness.

2010 April - 13

After study at UTAR for almost a year, I only discovered that the first floor of Block C is using natural lighting. Slow bump me..

2010 April - 14

2010 April - 15

McDees – love their apple pie. I should learn how to cook an apple pie too.

2010 April - 16

2010 April - 17

My mobile phone – Nokia 5700 XpressMusic. Poor fella, it got scratches and broken parts all over its body. Should I get a new body for it or a new phone instead…

I’m interested with PDA type, multi-function wifi phone.. any recommendation? HTC? Blackberry?

2010 April - 18

Studying for final, while playing ZONE’s HANABI ~Kimi ga Ita Natsu~ to cheer me up.

2010 April - 19

Boss doing big business.

2010 April - 20

from left, Jeff, Pui Yee and Chloe, came over to study for finals.

2010 April - 21

Fundamentals of Finance?… not good..

2010 April - 22

Took some photo while my laptop is still around, cause I’m giving my laptop to my sister.

2010 April - 23

2010 April - 24

Study session at my room.

2010 April - 25

Comrade HuiHui.

2010 April - 26

This photo was taken during Pui Yee’s birthday night. More photos at here.

2010 April - 27

Random shot…

2010 April - 28

After final… HuiHui in relax mode.

2010 April - 29

No, not my bags….

2010 April - 30

Finally, my PC is here.

2010 April - 31

Danish house’s new housing project for students, Beijing section. Danish house is making lots of money out of the residents here… Do we need that glass roof for students’ accommodation?? This is more like high class housing area..

2010 April - 32

I got the chance to visit the rooms because I was helping my friend to move to her new room.

2010 April - 33

The rooms. For a single room, the rental is at least RM300 per month, meanwhile, double room is nearly RM300. Expensive..

2010 April - 34

In order to make the most out of the limited area.. what the heck is that?!?

2010 April - 35

Lovely moon.

2010 April - 36

Kampar Ghany (and Haji Ghany) mamak shop’s famous roti KLCC… the taste so-so only…

2010 April - 37

from left, Henley, KinChong and JackyChoo. KinChong will pursue his degree at Setapak’s UTAR.. so this is our final meet up..

2010 April - 38

Roti KLCC.

2010 April - 39


2010 April - 40

YiNing, our class rep during first semester.

2010 April - 41

2010 April - 42

from top left, Me, JackyChoo, KinChong, ChuanZheng, Ivy

from bottom left, ShinYen, SinYee, PhaySu, YiNing.

I’m glad that I knew them.. there’s still more, however, some of them didn’t came for the meet up as they already back to their hometown.

2010 April - 43

Random shot again…

2010 April - 44

Clearing my desktop area..

2010 April - 45

Final chance to see the laptop on my table.

2010 April - 46

At first we was planning to enjoy several more days at Kampar.. but my mom’s birthday is on 1st of May, so I have to back on 30th April.

2010 April - 48

2010 April - 51


2010 April - 54

That’s the quick summary of what happened during the month of April..

6 thoughts on “2010 April”

  1. ck says:

    you continue your degree in kampar?

    1. John says:

      Hi CK, long time no see edi lo..

      yeap, I’ll continue my degree course at Kampar UTAR also…

  2. Liang says:

    Hi, 1st time visit to your blog. What foundation do you take in UTAR? Coz I’m going to UTAR for foundation at May 25th. So, I nd some info on the foundation study n the enviroment at UTAr there. TQ

    1. John says:

      I took foundation in arts, soon degree in Information System Engineering.. sort of IT stuff…

      I can’t help much about the studies as 2010 batch would be having new kind of syllabus. I would say the study environment is great.

      While accomodation experiece… this depends a lot where you stay. I prefer to live at a rented house as I share the rent with my friends, and we “own” the house.. lol.. we control the electricity, water, streamyx…unlike live in Danish house… rent expensive, slow streamyx and sometimes housemate problem..

      It would be perfect if you have your own transport, perhaps a motorbike (cycling is a bit tiring.. the weather there is torturing too, sudden hot, sudden rain).

      If you want to know more, do email me or MSN me. [johndiew0107@hotmail.com]

      1. Liang says:

        Thanks senior, for the info. If any question I will ask you by email and nice to meet you.

        1. John says:

          no prob.

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