Crow Song by Girls Dead Monster

Crow Song

Crow Song

Girls Dead Monster

Track List:

  1. Crow Song
  2. Alchemy
  3. My Song

First single of insert song for Angel Beats! – Crow Song, contains 3 songs which appear in the anime. “Crow Song” in first episode, while “Alchemy” and “My Song” in episode three.

Probably the very first and last single for Iwasawa’s Girls Dead Monster, in case Iwasawa doesn’t come back at the later part of the story. For those who still haven’t watch the series, Iwasawa is the vocalist for above three songs, in anime, she disappeared after she sang “My Song”.

There are another 2 singles under Girls Dead Monster that scheduled to be released in near future.. But I think Yui would be the vocals… gonna miss Iwasawa’s powerful vocal..


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