2011 April

2011 April - 01

Finally, I’m done with my finals and here comes my holiday.

Seriously, I miss my blogging life and always wanted to write up something, but I’m just too lazy to spend my time on editing the photos… I choose to sleep tho…

2011 April - 02

(the guy in the photo is not me)

March was a hell torturing month, which we had all sorts of assessments and assignments coming all together at one time.

Luckily we had everything covered before April, what’s left is just the presentation and submission.

2011 April - 03


2011 April - 04

There were lots of heavy rain during that time.. and I found my room was leaking!!

2011 April - 05

Studying won’t be the best with out facebook.

2011 April - 06

My ever trusty Casio.

2011 April - 07

Hi there.

2011 April - 08

Went to my uncle’s place.

2011 April - 09

Creepy whatsoever-you-call-it.

2011 April - 10

2011 April - 11

The King of Fruits – Durian.

You fancy?

2011 April - 12

Crap… out of focus…

Will try to post up more in the future.

And something exciting is coming~

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