HTC Incredible S

HTC IS - 01

Months of complaining and enduring the problems of my old phone…

Went through all sorts of reviews, recommendations and comparisons… I know it’s smartphone war out there…

And finally, my decision goes to Android – HTC Incredible S.

HTC IS - 02

Opening the box reveals the phone, covered with protective films to avoid scratches.

Simple tech specs:

CPU: 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255
GPU: Adreno 205
RAM: 768MB
ROM: 1.1GB
Display: Gorilla display 4″ S-LCD 480px * 800px
Data Inputs: A-GPS, Ambient light sensor, Digital compass, G-sensor, Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, Proximity sensor
Camera: Rear 8MP dual flash, Front 1.3MP
Size: 120mm * 64mm * 11.7mm
Weight: 135.5g (including battery)

Nowadays, the packaging for mobile phones are getting smaller and smaller. I’m pretty sure that the manufacturers choose to go digital and ditches physical discs or user manuals to cut down cost.

It’s a good sign, because instead of printing thick user manuals which serves as toilet paper, the papers can be put into better use.

The result, compact packaging for our favourite electronic devices.

HTC IS - 03

Taking out everything included in the package.

HTC IS - 04

Handsfree with music controller (Sponge ear-buds included)
USB-sync cable
3-pin wall power socket
Power-USB adapter

HTC IS - 05

Seriously, this is my very first HTC device, and I’m in awe with this unique design.

I assume that the 3-pin socket can be replaced with other units for different region or car charging..

HTC IS - 06

Handsfree with music controller.

HTC IS - 07

Our local distributor encourages online product registration by giving 1+1 year warranty extension, but they still provide the option to register by mail.

HTC IS - 08

The documents included are minimum…

HTC IS - 09


HTC IS - 10


HTC IS - 11

Back cover removed, revealing the antenna system and battery.. nekked.

After using the phone for 1 week+, I’m impressed with it. I could get all sorts of things done while on the go. It works just like my netbook..  Why my netbook suddenly become worthless..

Checking emails, RSS feeds, internet social networking, and more.

I might write up a review for it, so stay tuned.

Before wrapping up this hardware preview, I need to bid my farewell to my good-ol Nokia.

HTC IS - 12

Four years to be exact, my loyal Nokia 5700 XM had served me. Even thought problems start to arise since a year ago, I continued to use it, believing that it could last for another year.

The time has come for me to stop torturing it.

Thank you.

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