2012 April

2012 April - 01

Another installment of lack-of-photo monthly journal. My photo gallery shows that half of the month’s photos are consists of product photos instead of anything related to my life.

We’ll skip to the end of the month where I went to Kota Kinabalu for a business trip.

In case you wonder what kind of business trip it was, our company develops web applications as well as applications that occasionally involves hardware parts. Hence, product delivery is also part of the software development process.

2012 April - 02

It was a rare chance for an intern to go for a business trip and I appreciate that my boss decide to include me in the installation team.

When my boss told me about that, I was like

Are you kidding me?? O.O

2012 April - 03

The delivery is done for Shangri-La Resort, thus accommodation and meals are all provided by the resort.

2012 April - 04

2012 April - 05

2012 April - 06

You might think we get to enjoy ourselves throughout the trip, but hell not.

The work load is harsher than what we have in the office.

It was kinda torturing or tormenting I say, at 5-star resort with heavenly view, we have to work from 10am to 11pm everyday… Well, that’s how life works, as well as alchemy..


Gonna write up a post regarding my internship.

2012 April - 07

These sunset pictures are taken during a short break before dinner.

2012 April - 08

I wish I had more time to walk around.

2012 April - 09

2012 April - 10

We had another delivery to second Shangri-La resort at Kota Kinabalu as well. This explains the rush.

This time we get to work in the server room as the IT department wants the machines to be installed in there.

2012 April - 11

2012 April - 12

2012 April - 13

The food are too delicious that I forgot to take their photos before devouring them.

2012 April - 14

Back to daily routine.

2012 April - 15

Had a family gathering at my uncle’s place in remembrance of my grandmother.

By the way, I’m thinking of getting a new camera but I’m torn between compact prosumer and DSLR… ARGHHHHHHH

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