Ducky DK9008 G2 PBT version Mechanical Keyboard

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 01


DK9008 G2 is Ducky’s top of the line flagship model which uses Cherry MX switches. It features USB NKRO and what not, the one we have here today is PBT edition. This means the stock key caps are made of PBT instead of cheaper ABS.

Recently, Ducky just announced that they are going to have DK9008 G2 replaced by DK9008 G2 Pro in near future. DK9008 G2 Pro review here.

Anyway, here’s a quick review of the board.

Tech Specs

  • 104 keys full size keyboard
  • Lasered PBT key caps
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Dip switch for altering key functions (eg Windows key)
  • Cherry MX Red (other MX switches available as well)
  • NKRO over PS/2 and USB
  • Multimedia shortcut key
  • 4 extra shortcut key


Ducky DK-9008G2 - 01

For mechanical keyboards, IMO, Ducky’s 9008G2 series has the best looking packaging.

Gold text on bright red.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 02

Flipping open the front lid.

Product info can be found here in different languages.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 03

Sliding out the inner box.

There are paddings at all the sides, except that the keyboard’s top and bottom surface don’t have any additional padding, but¬†the keyboard is fairly secured in the box.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 04

In the package:

  • Keyboard
  • USB cable
  • WASD keycaps along with 2 ducky ESC keycaps
  • Ring key cap puller
  • Microfibre cloth keyboard sleeve
  • Clear plastic keyboard cover
  • User manual

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 05

The WASD key caps were fine but the extra ESC caps were kinda meh…

I would prefer if the key caps have some special engravings rather than the branding.

Looks, Feel and Usability

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 06

Top view.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 07

Bottom view.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 08

Pseudo-steel sticker label.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 09

The same problem faced by the DK9008 S and the latest DK9008 G2 Pro – the cable rails corners are too tight for the USB cable to fit in properly.

Do take note that you need to bend your cable 90′ in order to fit them into the cable rail.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 10

The elevation feet is practically useless, as you barely feel the height difference with it deployed.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 11

DK9008 G2 Pro uses six key caps with translucent part.

My caps lock’s clear part suffer from misalignment issue.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 12

This is my very first set of PBT key caps and I fell in love with them at the first touch.

Although the surface of the key caps looks sandy but they feels much slippery than ABS key caps.

The bottoming sound produced is much solid than what produced by ABS key caps.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 13

Typing on Cherry MX Red switches is such as bliss. The soft linear feel is absolutely amazing.

Ducky DK-9008G2 - 14

4 function keys.



  • Above average build quality
  • Aluminium plate mounted – Good, but not the best as some uses metal plate which is much sturdier though we might not feel the difference.
  • Genuine Cherry MX switches
  • NKRO over USB
  • PBT key caps – More durable than ABS and Ducky makes quite nice key caps
  • Laser etched key cap printing – more durable than pad printed
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Multimedia shortcut keys
  • Four extra shortcut function keys
  • Windows key lock function – as well as ability to switch between Caps Lock/LCTRL
  • Flashy packaging – dat RED box
  • Included keyboard cover, sleeve, 6 extra key caps and ring key cap puller
  • Slight high customizability – lowered due to several keys has LED
  • Bang for the buck – Less than RM400 with full sets of PBT key caps


  • Regular design
  • Plate mounted
  • Cherry MX Red – Soft touch linear
  • Cherry Stabilizers – Easy for changing key caps, changes the feel of the key
  • Windowed keys – Reduces customizability
  • Bad positioning of FN key – You can take away that right ALT key, I need that menu key.


  • QC issues on consistency – frame alignment, plastic mold marks,¬†misalignment of transparent piece on windowed key cap
  • Mac OS X not supported
  • Short elevation feet
  • Heavy
  • Short USB cable
  • Short elevation feet
  • Ring key puller

Short conclusion –

Awesome keyboard and value for money

As Ducky’s flagship product, 9008G2 certainly has met the basic requirements and specifications. The build quality is superb although I have some minor disappointment here and there. But fret not as those do not affect the usability and quality of the keyboard.

USB NKRO is certainly an advantage over PS/2 NKRO. Mac users need to take note that the USB NKRO do not work for Mac OS X.

Ducky is currently having stock clearance sales for 9008G2 – priced at RM360+-. For that price you even get a full set of PBT key caps. What else you could ask for?

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