2013 Autumn Anime Watchlist

2013 Autumn

image source: 秋来ないかなー by さでん

I was having quite a backlog on my previous season series, but somehow that’s consider as another type of pros as I don’t need to keep refresh each series’ fansub site for new episode.

As always, thanks to neregate for the chart. Click on the thumbnail and head over to his site to get the 8mb-ish full-res season preview.

Fall 2013 Anime Chart v3.1


kyoukai no kanata

Kyoto animation.

nagi no asakura

Just look at all those nice animation and music in the PV.

little busters refrain

I was kind of disappointed with how J.C.Staff messed up LB! and seriously I don’t have much hope in the sequel as well. Still I want to finish the story.

log horizon

Sword art…

yowamushi pedal

It’s a cycling anime + otaku cyclist fueled by his passion. Let see how the chemistry works in this series.

gundam build fighters

High budget Bandai commercial.

but still, I wanted to have it playing on my secondary monitor while I’m doing my other stuff.

galilei donna

Synopsis sounds kinda nice but no idea if it’s another successful bait or genuinely good.

valvrave 2

The first season was full of unexpected content be it in a good way or bad. Quite a few are disappointed with it but I guess that’s as far as Sunrise studio goes. I’ll keep my judgement until I finish watching the whole Valvrave series.

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