2013 September

2013 September - 01

I thought I posted September’s entry, but when I look back at my photo backlog in Adobe Lightroom, I was surprised to find the photos are still not yet exported.

Here’s a quick one.

2013 September - 02

So we organized an outing with our uni-mates… We’re asked to bring new friends to the meet up, but in the end, we only get to know one new friend.

2013 September - 03


2013 September - 04

Couldn’t hold back anymore. Nexus 10 is selling at extremely cheap price… Sammy Malaysia must be thinking that they need to clear off the remaining stock before Google announces the 2013 Nexus 10.

2013 September - 05

Office in the dark.

2013 September - 06

Everytime, whenever there’s a staff leaving, they’ll treat us ice-cream.

2013 September - 07

Busy finding money. Don’t know why Waiyin always got into the camera frame.

2013 September - 08

Mooncake festival celebration at Jia Hui’s house.

2013 September - 09


2013 September - 10

He’s basically enjoying this high class residential terrace all by himself. Everyone is jelly.

2013 September - 11

It’s Mooncake / Mid Autumn celebration, you can’t miss the lanterns.

2013 September - 12

2013 September - 13

I have to admit that I’m taking lesser and lesser photographs with my Lumi-chan. Her batteries have yet being charged for over 2 months now. That’s part of the reason why I’m holding back my plan of getting a DSLR… It just seems there isn’t any thing could remind me of “Hey, I need to take a picture of this!”..

On top of that, that feel of “the best camera is the camera that’s with you..” is hitting me hard as I’m currently taking most of the photos with my lousy handphone camera.

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