2013 July

2013 July - 01

In my previous post, I did mentioned about job interviews but that was sometime around May / June… yeah yeah, my posts are always delayed and by the time I’m writing this, I’ve already started working for almost 2 months…

Just like how internship goes, when you got into salaryman’s lifestyle, expect to spend at least 1/3 or more of your time to dedicate for your job. Here’s where proper time management comes into place, so that you could maintain the balance between your job and your leisure activities.

2013 July - 02

I always wanted to attend Bon Odori but the event is only organized annually at Selangor and Penang state only… That means transportation and accommodation issues, oh wait, I can’t expect to be free from my school’s activity though..

This year is no longer the same as before, at first I wasn’t aware of Bon Odori is going to take place on that day until I saw Sushi King’s post about “Seeing you guys tonight at Bon Odori”. Then I was like “CHANCE!!!!”.

2013 July - 03

There was tonnes of people and what not, loads of Japanese foods. Ah well, I can’t say if the foods are 100% authentic or not since I’ve never tried any original Japanese food.

2013 July - 04

2013 July - 05

Got myself an IKEA member card, well, it’s free to sign up and you get member promotions and discounts.

2013 July - 06

Purchased a few Cherry MX Blue switches from a forummer. Planning to mod my POKER from Cherry MX Black to Ghetto Greens.

Ghetto Greens are basically combines the MX Black’s spring with MX Blue’s stem, the outcome is stiffer Blues.

Keyboard science.

2013 July - 07

Helping my GF to change her laptop’s hard disk.

The design of the laptop is so “brilliant” that it requires you to take apart the whole thing just to change the HDD, but still they provide a super detailed service manual complete with every single screws for you.

Should I be happy about this or what…

2013 July - 08

And I was visiting a certain apartment…

It’s not that I don’t like the apartment, but living at 10th floor is not so convenience… so I declined the offer…

2013 July - 09

New keyboard for office use – PLUM Morphling MX96.

2013 July - 10

Oh god I need to stop this hobby of mine…

Until, then see you on the next post, I need to clear up my photo backlogs..

2 thoughts on “2013 July”

  1. ayumiyoutube says:

    do you bring along your mechanical keyboard with you to work or just leave in office? btw, what widescreen monitor model is that? looks big 🙂

    1. John says:

      The reason to purchase the Morphling MX96 is to leave it at my office.. lazy to bring it around.

      that is Dell U2312hm monitor, it looks big because the computer tower is small-form-factor..

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