2013 June

2013 June - 04

After I completed my degree programme at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), I choose not to start work immediately, unlike some of my friends who started their working life at the beginning of June.

There’s a few reason behind this, one is because I wan’t to have a proper vacation for myself, given that I might not have the luxury to enjoy such long holiday any more.

Another reason is because I’ve yet secured a job for myself. I did mention about the Singapore job interview I had during the end of May, that company turned out ignoring me in the end. Something within my expectation.

2013 June - 01

World’s Kutien Association had a 2 days 1 night event at my hometown.

2013 June - 02

In the end, I spent most of my holiday looking for a job that I really wanted, meanwhile helping out my father at his arowana farm.

2013 June - 03

I was in dilemma choosing my career path, whether to keep advancing into Microsoft’s .NET technology or explore other possible technologies.

But somehow, I got things sorted out, and I choose a payment management company to brush up my application security knowledge and skills.

2013 June - 04

Before starting my work at the chosen company, I went to Redang Island as my graduation trip.

Photos coming soon, stay tuned.

2013 June - 05

Well, of course starting a new life at a new place means moving time.

I could’ve signup to a moving company if I’m in Japan.

2013 June - 06

This is taken at my friends’ house while having a late night gathering steamboat party at their place.

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