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20130613 Anime Festival Asia

AFAID is just one month away, and the official site just updated recently.

AFA Indonesia 2013 will be held at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.


I love Anisong


AFAID I love Anisong concert will feature Aoi Eir, Hirano Aya, BABYMETAL, fripSide, Kalafina and May’n.

Concert Ticketing at the end of this post.

Akiba Town

akiba town

Booths and booths either from local or Japan displaying and selling various merchandises from the land of rising sun.

Cosplay Extravaganza


Regional cosplay championship is one of the most popular AFA event. It is a competition where the participants would showcase their awesome skills in props and costume making.

The winner of the qualifying round will be the one who represents Indonesia to take part in the ARCC finals at Singapore.

Main Stage Specials

ARCC, guest appearances, panels, talks and previews from various producers and celebrities on latest popular anime shows and merchandises.

At the meantime, there’s no information on the main stage events.

AFA Cafe

afa cafe

Cute maids at Moe Moe Kyun Cafe (MMK) and handsome butlers at Atelier Royale Butler Cafe. Rejoice you fellow otaku and fujoshi.

Creators Hub

creators hub

Doujin booths selling materials such as artbooks, artworks, posters, crafts, badges. Somewhere that you can find different styles of artworks of your favourite anime, games or manga.

Special Guests

Danny Choo – Host


Guest Cosplayers

Angie (Malaysia)


Clive (Singapore)


Kaname☆ (Japan)


Reika (Japan)


Richfield (Indonesia)


Ying Tze (Malaysia)



If you’re a first time attending for Anime Festival Asia, you might find that the available ticket information is rather confusing. Just take a little time to figure out the differences between the ticket tiers and you’ll find the perfect ticket to experience AFA.

Ticket Tiers/levels
– Exhibition (exhibition ground including Akiba Town, AFA Cafe and etc) *Including Exhibition access ONLY
S – Stage (Main stage events such as ARCC, guest appearance and various exclusive presentations) *Including Exhibition & Stage access ONLY
C GA – Concert general admission (free standing/seated concert) *Including Exhibition, Stage & Concert access
C VIP – Concert VIP admission (VIP reserved seating concert) *Including Exhibition, Stage, Concert access & Autograph chance

There you have it, Exhibition tier being the most basic ticket class where it only grants you access to the exhibition ground only. Meanwhile Concert VIP ticket grants you to ALL of the events as well as having VIP seated concert & autograph chance.

AFAID   Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013


Ticket Sales & Schedule

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