2013 May

2013 May - 03

Completed my final semester-end examination, this means I’m graduated and officially unemployed.

Facing difficulties in getting myself ready for working life, anyway, guess, I’ll need to work for a few years to get my goal straight.

2013 May - 01

My first vote for Malaysia’s General Election 2013.

Indelible ink was meant to prevent certain individuals from casting repeated votes, SPR claimed that it could last for one week but someone actually was able to wash off the ink by using dishwashing liquid. What a joke.

2013 May - 02

Went for shabu-shabu with fellow course-mates as parting dinner.

2013 May - 03

Probably my final ride at Kampar.

2013 May - 04

2013 May - 05

Computing in dark.

2013 May - 06

Cleaning up the house.

2013 May - 07

It feels surreal to move on…

After all, I’ve been living at the house for about 3 years..

2013 May - 08

Then, back to my home base.

2013 May - 09

Home made sushi.

2013 May - 10

Supper with friends.

They loves fried daogi (tofu skin), bet you never know that tofu actually has skin.

2013 May - 11

Bike ride to Teluk Batik beach.

2013 May - 12

2013 May - 13

Paid a visit to my secondary school’s scouts club house.

2013 May - 14

I heard that the Scouts troop has been disbanded and currently the club house functions as store room.

2013 May - 15

Had a job interview at Singapore.

Went around Singapore after the rather short and casual interview.

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