Kellie’s Castle Photo Outing

Kellie's Castle - 01

This was three months ago when UTAR photography society organized the photo outing at Kellie’s Castle.

I’ve been at Kampar for almost 4 years and Batu Gajah is just around 30 minutes drive yet I’ve never been there. ><

Good thing that our photography society organizes this photo outing.

Kellie's Castle - 02

Kellie’s Castle is not exactly a huge castle as what you imagine as any European castles. But consider that during 1910s, the project of building this mansion is so ambitious that it is classified as castle.

More about the history behind the castle.

Discovery Channel made a documentary video about the castle as well. There’s 3 parts of the video, but I’m sure you can easily find the second and third part.

Kellie's Castle - 03

Ice breaking session.

Kellie's Castle - 04

Kellie's Castle - 05

It drizzles a bit in the morning. The moody weather isn’t that great for outdoor shots.. but surprisingly the weather clears up in no time.

Kellie's Castle - 06

The owner, William Kellie Smith, died during the construction of the mansion, hence it was left unfinished.. On top of that, the mansion went through WW2, so there’s quite a lot part of the mansion is destroyed.

Kellie's Castle - 07

Kellie's Castle - 08

Kellie's Castle - 09

There’s quite a few rooms like that…

Kellie's Castle - 10

Kellie's Castle - 11

Kellie's Castle - 12

Secret passage is available for each room, all of them leads out of the mansion.. but they’re not as secretive as you might imagine.

I’d say they’re more like emergency escape passage instead of secret passage..

Kellie's Castle - 13

Kellie's Castle - 14

Kellie's Castle - 15

Master room.

Kellie's Castle - 16

Kellas House, William’s first house which he then expands to become Kellie’s castle.

Kellie's Castle - 17

The mansion has a rooftop courtyard and it is rumoured for parties because William loves partying.

Party hard, yeah baby.

Kellie's Castle - 18

Fellow photogs.

Kellie's Castle - 19

Kellie's Castle - 20

Kellie's Castle - 21

Kellie's Castle - 22

Kellie's Castle - 23

Kellie's Castle - 24

William planned to build a 6 storey tall tower equipped with elevator, which would be the very first elevator in Malaya.

Such a shame that the project was stalled. What would actually powers the elevator? hmm.. my bet goes to human-powahh.

Kellie's Castle - 25

Inside of Kellas House, this is the original William’s house before the castle “add-on”.

Kellie's Castle - 26

Which means, this side is the actual front of the castle.

Many people got it wrong because the main entrance to this tourist spot is from the back.

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Here’s the map, great place to visit, and I definitely would visit here again as it is such an awesome place to explore.

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