2013 October

2013 October - 02

In before too late for this month’s instalment.

It has being 3 months since I started working at Kuala Lumpur. Well, life’s dull and even hectic than uni life, but hey, I enjoy looking at those guys who excel academically suffer in real life.

2013 October - 01

Boxes of HooooMaiGoddddd…

2013 October - 02

As for the first picture, it was taken at Hack in the Box Conference Kuala Lumpur 2013.

My company got a complimentary ticket to attend the┬áConference at Kuala Lumpur, and my luck gave me the chance to attend the event. Part of the reason is that I’m working on my company’s application security.

2013 October - 03

I’ve been attending various Japanese pop culture / anime conventions all these years but this is my first time attending a technology related event. On top of that, an event about information security.

It was a rather interesting event with tonnes of interesting activities taking place, just like the Capture the Flag game above, some sort of offensive and defensive hacking competition.

2013 October - 04

Other than software hacks, you get physical lock hack tutorial as well.

psssss, they sell the tools as well.

Somehow, I manage to pick the demo locks after spending some time at the booth.

2013 October - 05

These guys are doing live demo of hacking on ship navigation system.

2013 October - 06

First day’s drinking session at G-Tower.

2013 October - 08

2nd day at Marini’s – highest skybar in Malaysia.

2013 October - 07

View from Marini’s

2013 October - 09

Sleeper agent.

2013 October - 10

Next time I’ll take proper picture of this building.

2013 October - 11

2013 October - 12

Company dinner at Chilis.

I’ve kept saying that I’d pick up my camera more often, but in the end I never did. Worst of all, I plan to upgrade my camera…

I don’t know if it’s because the camera’s poor performance or I actually lost interest in taking random shots.. but still I enjoy producing artistic images.

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