2014 December

2014 December - 07

We’re 2nd week into year 2015 and I think I’ve delayed quite a bit for my 2014’s December photo journal.

2014 December - 01

Tread wear on my daily shoes. Almost slipped off a few times when the floor is slippery.

Time for a new pair as I’ve wore it for about 2-3 years. Yeah, who needs Nike when you can have Power at cheap.

2014 December - 02


Though previously I mentioned that they have Taiko no Tatsujin v14 here, but other arcade machines are rather old, for instance there’s older version of racing machines and no fighting game machines.

2014 December - 03

My friend ordered a large set of chicken katsu udon at Sushi Zanmai. The portion is huge.

2014 December - 04

I failed at manual flashing Lollipop to my Nexus 10, end up clean wipe the tablet.

Luckily I never store any important data inside the internal storage, so wiping it without any hesitation.

Still, the restoration feature that come with Lollipop is amazing. It saved me quite a lot of time configuring the tablet to my usage. Thumbs up for the developers at Google Android.

2014 December - 05

Someone at my apartment threw out their stash of VHS tapes.

Too bad I don’t have any space at home to keep them, else I’ll stash ’em up.

2014 December - 06

Attended the year end Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

I took the N2 paper which I have no confidence in scoring because I never studied.

2014 December - 07

This taken when I was strolling around the school where JLPT takes place.

2014 December - 08

Mr. DIY actually sells this.

I heard that you can find all sort of stuff in it, just like Daiso albeit much more cheaper.

This was my first visit and I LOLed at their vast selection of cheapo items, mostly imported from China.

2014 December - 09

Just look at all the NOOT books.

That Engrish.

2014 December - 10

Some grocery shopping.

2014 December - 11

Bought a bonsai to experience ZEN.

2014 December - 12

Last badminton session for 2014.

2014 December - 13

Spent a night at Genting celebrating my colleague’s bachelor party.

2014 December - 14

The time we going back from Genting.

It has been quite some time since I last visited Genting. Not much changed, except that they’re having crazy renovation for their outdoor theme park.

Still, I get to go into the casino for the first time and get to know what’s going on inside.

2014 December - 15

Film arsenal.

2014 December - 16

Company gift exchange.

This time, the event is organized privately, hence the gift are much higher quality than ever.

2014 December - 17

This is what I get from the gift exchange.

16GB flash drive.

2014 December - 18

First time tasting a turkey.

Tastes meh.. just like chicken.

2014 December - 19

Classic comics found in a retro themed restaurant – Sitiawan Dinding Tea House.


2014 December - 20

Lucky guy gets the best wrapped gift.

2014 December - 21

Attended the annual Comic Fiesta convention at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Full post here.

2014 December - 22

Attended my colleague’s wedding lunch.

Sorry, I don’t have any photo of the groom and bride. They’re way too busy entertaining other guests.

2014 December - 23

If you know where I took this photo from…

By the way, I just started my LX3 Project, I hope that the next time I post the picture above, it’ll be from another angle using another camera.

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