Comic Fiesta 2014

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 01

The 12th installment of Malaysia’s largest ACG event – Comic Fiesta is back to town. Brought to you by a group of volunteers vowing to bring ACG convention experience to the Malaysian audience. Unlike any other conventions which I usually stay throughout the WHOLE event. This year however, I never get the chance to attend both full days as I have to attend my colleague’s wedding lunch during the first day. Therefore all of the cosplayer photographs here are taken on the second day of the convention.

While the event coverage photos are taken with my LX3, the cosplayer photos are all taken with my friend’s Canon 60D + 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 + 50mm 1:1.8. Oh yeah, he upgraded to Canon 6D, the wonders of full frame, that’s why I get to use his old camera.

The album can also be found at my Facebook. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 02

League of Legends Tournament finale – The Legends Circuit 2014.

Not really a fan of the DotA or LoL game series but I can see that there is a large crowd cheering for their team especially during the finals.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 03

Culture Japan booth.

As always, the queue for the merchandise is crazy long.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 04

Premium art booths.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 05

Commercial booths.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 06

Regular art booths.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 07

This year, the stage has moved to the ballroom which is way too small for the crowd.

Hope the CF committee learn their lesson this time and accommodate even larger space for the ballroom.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 08

Saber Emperor ver. (Fate/Extra)

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 09

Malthael (Diablo 3) –

Amazing details at the armor. Kudos to the maker of the costume.

One of my favourite shot at the outdoor.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 10

Yoshioka Futaba (Ao Haru Ride)

I messed up this photo, it could be better. Orz

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 11

Exia is gathering a large crowd.

Couldn’t get near with it, so tried the long shot using the 50.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 12

Sorry that I’m not quite sure who is the character she’s cosplaying as. Best guess is Kuroneko.

One of my favourite shot of the day.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 13

Saber (Fate series – Fate/stay night, Fate/zero)

Nice cosplay and that ahoge.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 14

Female Kenshin?

I stand corrected, she’s cosplaying as Kagura from Gintama. *thanks Potato_Girl

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 15

Character from a game?

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 16

There’s actually a few other cosplayers standing behind her. But I couldn’t get them all to fit into the frame… so…

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 17

Love Live! ladies

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 18

Nurse (Silent Hill)

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 19

Shimakaze – (Kancolle)

Though many find that kigurumi cosplays are creepy, but I find them sort of interesting.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 20

Sakura Chiyo (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 21

Yazawa Nico (Love Live!)

Cutesy costume.

Comic Fiesta 2014 - 22

Feeling comfy.


The overall event is amazing and I’m amazed how much CF has grow throughout the years. But one thing that went out of control this year is:

Crowd Control

Yes, the convention is definitely bigger than ever, first is the convention attendee, the crazy long queue which spans around 1 kilometre to the hall entrance, there are still long queue inside the hall before you actually gets into the actual exhibition halls. Second, a lot more participating exhibitors, be it large commercial booths or small individual art booths, they are taking even more space when compared to last year. Speaking of spaces, this year, CF separates the stage away from the exhibition hall and place it at the 3rd floor ballroom. Now their intention is good which is to avoid the stage events from disturbing the exhibition. However, there’s a problem with the size of the ballroom, it is way too small to accommodate a large crowd of attendees especially during those popular stage events. Tonnes of angry attendees are disappointed that they can’t get access to the stage despite they’ve queue up long time for it. Heck, even the exhibition halls are full of people. Unlike previous years we still manage to find space to take photos of the cosplayers. This year is pure sardine hell in there.

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    That wasn’t female Kenshin,its Kagura from Gintama.

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      Thanks for correcting.

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