2014 January

2014 January - 01

Happy New Year 2014, I suppose.. lol

Trying to clear my backlogged photo entries as fast as possible. Well, you know, keep hitting the “Auto” button in Adobe Lightroom to zoom past the photo editing process.

Anyway, the month of January, nothing significant, just looking forward for the Chinese New Year which falls on the end of the month.

2014 January - 02

My friend applied for a Working Holiday scheme to New Zealand.

I have to admit that is quite a decision especially for leaving your home country and work as a manual labour at a foreign country. Still it’ll be quite an experience for doing this while you’re still young.

2014 January - 03

See you again after 6 months.

2014 January - 04

Going through the business cards/cos cards collected at CF2013.

2014 January - 05

Chinese New Year around the corner. Company is giving out Angpow envelopes.

2014 January - 06

Badminton session with friends from JC-GEMS.

2014 January - 07

2014 January - 08

My camera performs extremely bad in low light. Just look at how horrible this photo turns out.

I’ve been thinking of getting a better camera but that also means burning a hole in my pocket…

2014 January - 09

Group photo on our last day of training. The end of sacrificing my weekends for training classes!!

2014 January - 10

Went back to my home town for Chinese New Year, coincidentally an elder relative of mine is celebrating her 80 year old birthday 2 days before the Chinese New Year.

2014 January - 11

Then Chinese New Year 2014 came. I’ll cover the Chinese New Year photos in a different post soon.

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