Comic Fiesta 2013


After much delay, the photos of Comic Fiesta 2013 is finally ready to be shared. I seriously need to keep up my pace! By the way, if you’re not aware of what Comic Fiesta, it is actually Malaysia’s largest and longest running ACG event.

Once again, I’m invited for the event as a media blogger in exchange for my post-holocaust report which you’re reading right now. While I hope to cover every little details over here, but that proves to be a challenge for me given that I’ve taken so much time for just going through that little number of photos. Anyway, let’s read on for my report on the CF2013.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 01

Back in 2012, I parked at the open car park in front of Avenue K, then WALK all the way to the convention centre which is like almost 1 kilometre distant. Until one of the convention attendee told me there is a nearer open car park which only costs RM8 (Saturday) / RM5 (Sunday) per entry.

This year I’ve done my research on the parking spaces around KLCC and I had my breakfast early in the morning before driving to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Even though I manage to arrive early, still I took around 45 minutes just to find the entrance of my desired parking lot.

When I confirmed my car is properly locked, I knew I was late for the gate opening session. Still I rush to the convention centre until I stumbled upon the above scenery. God knows how many zerglings are there… I’m even shocked when I heard one of the CF committee member saying that the early bird ticket queue has merged with the regular ticket purchasing queue. Which means even if you’re holding an early bird ticket, you still need to slowly progress through the flock of CF attendees.

Seriously? What’s the point of paying the extra bucks while you still have to queue at the far back? I mean, come on, there have to be some way to control the queue right? Just keep the early bird ticket entrance open and ask those who don’t have any ticket to queue for ticket. I hope CF committee would take this as a serious issue because no one wants feel disappointed especially those who purchased the early bird tickets.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 02

This year, CF grows larger than ever, it takes all of the 6 ground level halls of KLCC. Hall is not shown in the picture as it extends to another side of the building and serve as queue entry. League of Legends – The Legends Circuit 2013 Grand Final stage located between hall 4 and 5.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 03

Premium art booths and  exhibitors at hall 4.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 04

Culture Japan booth as crowded as ever.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 05

Hall 1 and 2 houses the regular art booths, more exhibitors and main stage.

Compared to last year, I can definitely see the growth of Comic Fiesta especially the number of doujin art booths and commercial exhibitors.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 06

The commercial exhibitor other than ACG merchandise shop, there’s also art college, game development studios and professional art tool showcase. Pictured is someone doodling on a Wacom drawing panel.

Speaking of commercial exhibitors, I still can’t understand that why those commercial sellers are selling bootlegged products as if they’re official/genuine product. Are they even allowed to do so?

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 07

Badges… My friend had a wall of them.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 08

The main stage of CF2013. I personally find the most enjoyable stage performance is the live band performances by local bands.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 09

Then, there’s Good Smile Company showcasing their figures.

I found that GSC’s booth has become simpler and plainer than ever. Reason?

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 10

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 11

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 12

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 13


You can’t miss the cosplayers as well!

The community has grown a lot throughout the year partly thanks to the Internet.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 14

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 15

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 16

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 17

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 18

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 19

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 20

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 21

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 22

End Game

Two days of Comic Fiesta 2013 ended with a live performance by livetune, a well known Vocaloid composer. You may find some of his tunes on Youtube.

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 23

I think he’s quite a shy guy because he always keeps his hoodie up, even during the whole performance period as well as autograph session.

One of my favourites:

Comic Fiesta 2013 - 24

Have you attended Comic Fiesta before?

If yes, do share your experience with us.

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