2014 July

2014 July - 01

We are now halfway into the month of August, two more weeks and my blog would reach its 9 years milestone. Could you believe how far things has gone? Even me myself couldn’t believe that I managed to keep writing this kind of boring article for NINE years!

2014 July - 02

Pretty sure that I’m not a drinker as I hates the taste of heavy alcohol. But then I do enjoy drinking this kind of light beers.

2014 July - 04

The “Key” card that comes with the Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013.

At this era, instead of physical discs, I’m hoping that digitally distributed software¬†would really take off. Of course in certain conditions, discs still prove to be a better way of distribution, for example limited internet bandwidth.

2014 July - 05

Went and sign up for a dare-devil challenge in Sunway Lagoon.

MYR95 for G-Force X ride and bungee jump.

For G-Force X, you’re basically strapped to the seat, then the cage is then shot to the sky just like slingshots.¬†You’ll definitely feel the g-force at the very moment they release the locking mechanism.

There’s a couple of videos on YouTube showing how the ride works.

2014 July - 06

After the terrifying ride, let’s move on to bungee jump.

2014 July - 07

Since they allow couple jump…

Words can’t describe the feel of free falling.

Btw, video taken by the staff. Dem vertical video.

2014 July - 08

Chilling cat.

2014 July - 09

KLIA 2 is much better than LCCT.

A deserving upgrade for Air Asia.

2014 July - 10

Friendly cat.

2014 July - 11

Had a wonderful weekend…

2014 July - 12

Bull Power FTW.

I still wondering why energy drinks have to be soooooo sweet…

2 thoughts on “2014 July”

  1. Wei Jiun says:

    Glucose for energy. Haha. That’s why. I can’t believe u continue writing after all these years. Keep it up, already bookmarked ur page. Haha

    1. John says:

      Yeah, I can’t believe either. I guess continuous writing and determination has bring me this far.

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